Surprising Insights From Alikay Naturals

The Brand’s Original Logo since 2008

This week Natural Not Nappy has done an interview with the founder and owner of the hair product company Alikay Naturals to get her views on things about black hair in the beauty industry including questions in concerns in in the black community.

Meet The CEO

CEO of Alikay Naturals; Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell

Rochelle Alikay Graham-Campbell, was only 22 years old when she started her own hair and body care line. Building from being a YouTuber in her own home kitchen in 2008, Rochelle started her business with just determination and $100 in her account. Having her own personal knowledge in hair care, Rochelle wanted to become more official and responsible in the business part. Two years after starting her business, Rochelle obtained her Bachelor’s degree in business marketing.

The Start Up

When asking Rochelle why she started her own natural hair line, of course the reasoning started with the love and secure feeling she wanted when wearing her natural hair.

“I did the big chop. Most people try to save their hair with transitioning it simply because they’re afraid of the thoughts and opinions of other people on how they look when going completely bald but I really cared less!”

Big chop before and after fears.

Click here to watch Rochelle’s natural hair journey over a one year process.

Rochelle went more into depth about her journey as she began to describe how she notice most of the natural hair products do not really contain “real” natural products. Too many chemicals in a hair can do more bad than good to your hair. Big name companies will make many believe their products are the best for them from their fan base but some get lost in the love and honesty of their audience which brings me to our next question.

Shea Moisture… Cancelled or nah?

When bringing up the topic of Shea Moisture Rochelle seemed a little hurt to respond. She said the brand use to be one of her favorites though she’s begun her own brand but became very hurt over the controversy on who their products were really made for.

Two years ago in 2017, Shea Moisture released a commercial promoting their brand on it’s success with texture, growth, and humidity on females hair but used Caucasian and mixed women but one black woman the commercial.

“It really hurt to see this big name brand who was made by black women for black women to not see the ad as disrespectful. They completely disregarded the feelings of our women and the beauty that is in every type of hair texture from 3B-4C. I used their products myself before I started my own experimenting but this made me cancel them out for good.”

Why “Alikay Naturals”?

When noticing the ingredients in other brands Rochelle gained more motivation to take care of her hair along with her fellow sistas. Rochelle created her brand but with only two years of progress she created the “LOC Method”.

The “LOC Method” stands for “Liquid, Oil, Cream”. Created by Rochelle herself this method has been adopted and loved by the natural community. Many top hair blogs like Natural Hair Rules, use this method to hydrate, moisturize, and seal your curls with water, oil, and curling cream.

“Many companies came up with their own version of the method but Alikay Naturals was the original company to experiment this.”

Perm and Burn.

It’s been known in the black community to use the infamous “Just For Me” perm kit to have soft and straight hair in the early 90s to the early 2000’s but there has been a drastic change in women letting go of the perms and weaves to wear their curls and afros. Rochelle wears weave but only as a protective style.

”I don’t see wearing weave as a problem. I think the problem is when you’re not as comfortable wearing your natural hair as you are with weave. If your confidence level is not on the same level with both turn there’s the problem. Society has made straight hair look as if it is the only hair type to be beautiful. I’m glad to see more women accepting their natural state, especially the celebrities. They have a huge influence on the younger generation.”

Team Satin Scarf or Satin Bonnet?

The satin scarf and bonnet are a black girl’s best friend when it comes down to protecting your hair at night from bed head. Me myself prefer the scarf over a bonnet but Rochelle explains to us why she is in the middle of the debate.

“Satin bonnets are good for days you’ve have freshly done twist. Putting a Satin scarf around the twist will flatten them and take away form volume that they’ll have when their dry and time to untwist. The moment you untwist your hair but do have he energy to twist your hair every night, try and do a pineapple style. Pineapple styles can protect and keep curls up between day 3-4 looking very sturdy for the world.”

Alikay Naturals gave is a very good insight on her views on the hair in our community and tips on what she believe and has proven to be good things for black hair. Check out her products and follow her blogs more at her sight.


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